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A Datacenter has spaces for exclusive use where companies maintain and operate their IT infrastructures and where different specialties converge.

In other words, it is a data processing center that serves to save information systems and associated components, such as storage systems that include redundant power supplies for hardware in a controlled environment, such as organizing the space with air. conditioning, extinguishing the ignitions of different safety devices and more safety parameters so that the equipment has the best level of performance with the maximum availability of the system.

Depending on the size of the company, the space destined to house the servers will be evaluated, whether it be private rooms to house a certain number of rack cabinets or having one or more racks in smaller rooms.

Properly planning the data center, and controlling it at all times is one of the important keys to its proper functioning. It not only depends on the efficient use of energy but there are also other factors that we must consider to optimize our resources.

The distribution of the racks is an important key to consider within the planning of the data center using the spaces efficiently without affecting the cooling of each rack. This is the reason to avoid these inconveniences, an efficient distribution must be planned according to the customer’s needs, so that the power dissipated by each of them is homogeneous.

Another important factor to consider is controlling the air conditioning, an essential component to maintain the correct temperature and humidity parameters that guarantee the functioning and operational integrity of the housed systems.

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