Reasons IT services can respond to the impact of COVID-19

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At the business level, the digital transformation projects that were planned at the end of this year, have been accelerated to months or weeks, to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on IT services, which provide greater flexibility, agility and disaster resilience.

The digital transformation process does nothing but make it even more necessary to have a contingency plan, since IT services become even more important with respect to the continuity and growth of companies.

IT services have excelled in this situation, as in many cases they have had to go to great lengths to ensure business continuity in a context of large-scale remote work.

The strategic focus of IT services is to stop managing teams and dedicate themselves to satisfying business needs by developing new capabilities, projects, or applying new technology. In other words, dedicate themselves to activities with high value for the company. And to achieve this, an essential step is to decentralize IT services and entrust your infrastructure to a specialist capable of keeping your equipment safe and offering solutions tailored to your needs.

Decentralizing IT services is key to being able to give an agile and efficient response to contingencies such as the current one, for example, to implement telework measures more quickly, while maintaining the productivity.

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