The benefits of IP telephony for your company

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Maintaining fluid communication has become an important factor in optimizing the performance of the company. Opting for fixed telephony is no longer a viable option due to the high cost of maintenance and administration. IP telephony is a technology that allows us to integrate voice and data communications into the same network (based on IP protocol).

When we talk about IP telephony we are talking about an ecosystem of several integrated elements that allows companies to provide telephony services. In its most basic configuration, it consists of: the IP control panel, the IP Gateway and the different IP telephones.

The main advantage is the simplification of the communications infrastructure in the company, the integration of the different offices and mobile workers of the organization in a unified telephone system – with centralized management, free internal calls, integrated numbering plan and optimization of the communication lines.

We must also consider the following benefits:

  • It is not necessary to buy a physical telephone exchange, and therefore the initial cost is reduced.
  • No need for annual or monthly maintenance.
  • The virtual central is constantly updated, so it will never be obsolete.
  • You can replace a physical installation with a virtual or cloud one.
  • Both physical and mobile extensions can be activated.
  • Significant reduction in the cost of conventional telephone billing.
  • You can make groups of calls, record calls, as well as monitor and generate reports.

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