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The return to the offices is part of the new normal, which many are not yet ready to accept. To make it easier and more tolerable, companies must have as a priority, comply with the health protocols established by the corresponding authorities. In addition to the distance between each worker, there are other requirements that must be considered.

The beginning of the working day begins with the marking of the card that could be considered an infectious focus since all the workers have to touch the same surface. Despite complying with the constant disinfection of the surface, there are other solutions to mark the start of work activities without running the risk of contracting possible infections.

In this way, biometric solutions companies have accelerated the entry of contactless biometric equipment into the country. Which allow face reading without the need to place your fingerprint or bring the identification card close to the equipment. By recognizing the face, biometric equipment detects high body temperatures in real time, this effectively allows a preventive measure to be taken before entering open or closed spaces.

It is time to adapt to this new situation and for our businesses to grow with the security measures dictated by each country.

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